PREVENT’S Technology Platforms

Infectious Disease

Vaccines have historically targeted the prevention of infectious diseases. Most current vaccines have been approved for use in infants and young children to protect against childhood infectious diseases. More recent advancements in vaccine technology and research have expanded vaccine utilization into adolescent and adult populations. PREVENT is currently working on three vaccines for infectious diseases, Group A Streptococci, Respiratory Syncytial Virus and Chlamydia for which no vaccines exist.

Adjuvant Technology

Adjuvants are substances sometimes included in vaccines to improve and enhance the immune-stimulating properties of the vaccine. PREVENT is developing two adjuvants, P3 and PAL adjuvants, which are both expected to elicit a stronger and more balanced immune improving effectiveness in immunologically challenged populations including infants and the elderly, extending the range of protection to include more disease variants, and expanding protection to include intracellular pathogens. If successful, these novel adjuvants could be used in a variety of vaccines.

Misfolding Disease

The concept of a therapeutic vaccine originated in the oncology field in the 1980’s. PREVENT is developing a unique platform within the therapeutic and prophylactic vaccine fields with the intent to target immune responses to naturally occurring proteins but specific to regions of the protein that are only exposed when the protein is misfolded and thus causes disease. Misfolded proteins are thought to be responsible for a number of human disease problems including Creutzfeldt-Jacob’s, Alzheimer’s, and ALS. As a demonstration / proof –of-concept strategy for this platform, PREVENT is developing a vaccine for the treatment of chronic wasting disease (CWD).

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