Become a Partner

PREVENT targets new vaccines, improved vaccine formulations, and delivery strategies developed at Canadian universities, research institutions, university spin-offs, biotech companies, and other sources. By partnering with PREVENT you gain access to:

  • Risk Mitigation: PREVENT identifies successful vaccine candidates and develops them to a stage where significant commercial value has been added to these technologies and risk has been adequately diminished to encourage subsequent commercialization activities.
  • Expertise: PREVENT works with industry partners to develop vaccine candidates for the marketplace, with the technologies transferred to receptor organizations either in the private or public sector.
  • An Accelerated Market Pathway: PREVENT assists in fast-tracking zoonotic veterinary and human vaccine development for diseases of major public health concern, and navigates a pathway to commercialization that promotes growth, investment, and improved global competitiveness for Canada‚Äôs vaccine industry.
  • Resources: PREVENT provides financial and directs technical advancements for post-proof-of-principle vaccine candidates that have at minimum demonstrated efficacy in a relevant animal model, and which also hold promise for managing serious disease issues.

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