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PREVENT Team Building Event 2014

PREVENT Team Building Event 2014
We would like to acknowledge our sponsors for their support and generous contributions: Acura Centre , Alexander's Restaurant, Bema Aut...

“New Canadian Flu Vaccine has entered Phase l Clinical Trial”

Joint Press Release PAL -New Canadian Flu Vaccine.pdf  

Pan-Provincial Vaccine Enterprise Inc. (PREVENT) Conducting a Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) Vaccine Efficacy Trial in Elk

CWD vaccine trial.pdf

PREVENT, VIDO-InterVac, the Guangzhou Development District and the South China United Vaccine Institute signed a memorandom of understanding (MOU)

The four parties will cooperate on a joint training program in the areas of R&D, manufacturing and testing of human and veterinary vaccines, and p...

PREVENT Annual Report 2012-13 Double Pages

PREVENT12-13 Annual Report_DblPg_Spreads marketing.pdf

PREVENT 2012-2013 Annual Report